Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Can Chiropractic help me? I actually get this question is various forms. Can you help carpal tunnel? Can you help fibromyalgia ? The answer is why not try? In another part of this website I stated that chiropractic only makes the body function better. But ask yourself the question, if I had an immune system that functions at 100% would I really get sick? Then ask this question, if I did not get sick, would I get a flu shot, or take antibiotics? The answer is , if you were healthy, you wouldn’t have the need to take drugs.

To answer the questions above, I have helped people with carpal tunnel avoid surgery, and I have helped people with fibromyalgia take less or no medicine at all.  If you have a particular question about how Chiropractic may help you, feel free to email me at

Remember chiropractic is all natural, just like exercising, it may take up to two weeks before you start feeling better. Give your body a chance to get healthy naturally.

Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor,
Dr. S