Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes but you will probably wait. If you are a new patient or haven’t seen Dr. Szagesh in the last 90 days (30 days if you have Medicare or Medicaid) please call. All UTS traction and soft tissue therapy must be scheduled.

Can I not get X-rays?

Only if Dr Szagesh specifically says no. If you believe that you’ve had too many scans or X-rays please click this link, this link or this link. If you feel they are unnecessary for your own personal reason then we are not the place for you. What we provide requires specific vectors and X-rays are needed to measure and achieve proper results.

Can I just get an adjustment I have a chiropractor?

Yes, please call us at (616) 974-9922.

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, please call us at (616) 974-9922.

So you take Medicaid?

Yes, please call us at (616) 974-9922.

I can't keep my treatment plan what now?

What we do requires repetition just like anything natural you do to the body. It takes time. We will do our best to accommodate your needs but it’s up to you to make your health a priority.