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One major reason people don’t benefit as much as they could is because they don’t understand why they need care and what we are doing.

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We’ve literally spent thousands of hours studying how to help you. We’re committed to you and your health but remember communication is very important.

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Thank you for choosing my office for your chiropractic and massage needs. I personally want to make sure all your questions are answered and health goals are addressed.

Chiropractic care can assist in dramatically reducing the sickness you and your entire family experience. Chiropractic works because it is a whole body approach to wellness that benefits all parts of your being.

What Insurance Do You Accept?

We accept many major insurances including:

Assurant Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield
BCBS Messa

McLaren Health Plan
Medicare (Part C)
Medicare Plus Blue
Meridian Health Plan
Meritain Health

Molina Medicaid
Molina Medicare
Physician’s Care Network
Priority Health
Priority Health Medicaid
Priority Health Medicare
United American Insurance

…And more! We can work with you to help make your care at Health First affordable!

Why Should I Return If I Am Feeling Fine?

You entered our Chiropractic office feeling not so good and now you are experiencing the wonders of what happens when your spine and nervous system are subluxation free. You have less spinal stress and can send more healing energy through-out your body naturally.

We would happily see you again if you return when your health deteriorates and you start feeling pain again, but our Doctor suggests that you return even if you feel fine. You may ask, “Why should I return if I’m feeling fine? Why not wait?”

Why Not Wait?

Of course, you can wait until you experience pain again, but should you? You may be making a big mistake if you wait until you have symptoms to do something about your health. Lack of pain of symptoms is a poor way of determining how healthy you are; in fact it can be dangerous!

Why Do I Need So Many Adjustments?

Most people come to see us after they’ve had years of longstanding spinal subluxations, by this time, scar tissue has built up around the spinal discs, nerves and joints. This scar tissue takes a long time to heal and although you may not be experiencing pain, the weakness in your spine, ligaments, discs, tendons, muscles, and bones usually remains. It may take months for your body to replace the internal scar tissue and rebuild. True healing takes time.

Studies have taken in account the three stages of physiological healing. The first phase (inflammation) lasts 72 hours after injury. The second phase is a repair phase (scarring) and this lasts up to 6 weeks after the injury. The last phase (remodeling), in which scar tissue is reoriented to increase true healing can last up to 12 months.

Other studies have proven that to achieve optimal results, visit frequency should begin at 3 visits per week initially and then reduce in pattern of decreasing frequency for up to 6 months.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care Over Medication?

The true purpose of Chiropractic is not as treatment of aches and pains but to rid your body of subluxations so you are better able to adapt to life’s stresses. People, who choose Chiropractic report better quality life, improved physical health, less perceived stress, less need for prescription drugs, along with more energy, vitality and life enjoyment.

Chiropractic & Kids

Children that receive chiropractic adjustments often become far less prone to sickness – and there is a very good reason for this:

All the body is affected by the spinal cord. When the spinal cord can operate freely and at maximum strength, your immune system can rejuvenate and become stronger than ever before.

Chiropractors have always stated that the first subluxation can be caused during the birth process. From the late 1600’s on, the mother has laid on her back, meaning that the infant must be assisted out of the womb. The doctor usually pulls on the head to do this. This can cause a subluxation in the neck. Chiropractic can help restore this.

Will an adjustment hurt a developing child or infant?

Each person getting adjusted receives treatment specifically suited for that person. A child needs a gentle form of adjustment. It is not the same force or pressure that is applied to an adult.

How often should a child get adjusted?

Children do not need an adjustment every time they come into your office, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t ask to be checked! A great way to keep your kids in great health is to build routine. “Family Adjustments” help to get everyone checked out – and make great health as routine as brushing your teeth!

Do all children need adjustments?

The average child goes through much “wear and tear” as they grow up in this world. They learn to walk – by falling dozens of times! They learn to bike – by crashing! They play sports – hockey, soccer, football. That isn’t counting the bumps and bruises of everyday life! Chiropractic care can help benefit your child in healing from these every day happenings.