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Hello, I’m Dr. Szagesh, founder, and owner of Health 1st Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.!  Let me welcome you to a different Chiropractic experience.  I have been a Grand Rapids Chiropractor for over 15 years, practicing for almost 20 years total. I have helped thousands of our patients find relief through Chiropractic care, but as time has progressed, realized I wanted to do more. Feeling the need to pursue more in my field,  I wanted the ability to show visible improvement on X-Ray.  With these ideas in mind, I began to practice the Chiropractic Biophysics technique and incorporate Posture Rehabilitation.

Almost every adult I have put my hands on to help has had a problem that can be traced back to a direct injury. These injuries have caused improper posture or allowed people to slowly develop improper posture.   These postural distortions lead to health problems which brought them to my office.  Unless the posture is properly measured and corrected, these health problems simply come back again and again.  How many Chiropractors have you seen?

Why is posture important?

Simply put, your body is under the same physical forces as any other structure around you. Take a look at a bridge, a building, or even a car;  the same engineering and physics principles apply. There is no way we would deliberately build a bridge or a house crooked.  It wouldn’t last.  It would collapse. Cars that aren’t built properly are called “lemons” and are essentially worthless.   The headaches a patient has for the last 10 years didn’t come from a lack of Ibuprofen, there is a structural reason behind many health problems and if you’ve found this website, maybe your health concerns also.

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