Bedbugs and the Flu

I personally think the “flu season” has turned into a multibillion dollar industry.  
Every year the media fills our TV with fear about the dreaded H1N1 and how some strong young healthy 25 year old died in the prime of life all because…he did not get the flu shot.

I personally know several people who don’t get the flu shot, for whatever reasons they don’t.  I don’t, never have, and I doubt if I ever will. I also know several people who DO get the flu shot, every year, for whatever reasons they do.  Some tell me because of work, some tell me they haven’t gotten the flu because they got the shot.  

What is somewhat comical, and not to laugh as someone else’s expense, is that those that get the shot and in the next day or two have all the symptoms of having the flu.  They have the chills, the aches, the vomiting, etc.  To justify their decision I have heard, “well I got the flu but it was milder than someone else who got the flu”, my personal favorite is actually from the CDC website, YOU CANNOT GET THE FLU FROM THE VACCINE.

They say, you can’t, because the virus is dead.  However, I think your body knows better.

This is where the bedbugs come in.  Let’s say you are cleaning your child’s bedroom and while cleaning your child’s bed, you find a couple of bedbugs, but they are dead, or even better yet, lice ( I did not what to title this lice and the flu by the way but it is a better example).  So you find some dead lice, what do you do?  Do you pick them up, throw them away and continue doing a regular cleaning?  Do you make a mental note, “hey I better keep a lookout for lice in the house?”  Or do you say “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT DOING HERE?”

After you that is said you begin SANITIZING the house and your child.

That is what your body does, it finds a dead virus, a protein that does not belong there.  It is a serious situation, it can kill you, so the body is smart and sanitizes the house,  It cleans the child, delouses the hair, it washes EVERYTHING in HOT water and rinses twice, all those symptoms are the natural body’s reaction to finding a flu virus, dead or alive.  

So yes I assume the CDC is correct, you cannot get the flu but to your body, it’s all the same, time to clean house.

Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor, Dr. S