Car Accident Chiropractic Grand Rapids

Car Accident Chiropractic Grand Rapids

For car accident Chiropractic patients are usually left in incapacitating discomfort.  A chiropractor can be a beacon of hope. While lots of medical professionals recommend pain relievers as a very first line of therapy.  Car Accident Chiropractic could aid recover even extreme automobile injuries without the use of drugs.
“I can’t even imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t found Car Accident Chiropractic.”
Car Accident Chiropractic CareExtreme headaches tormented her for the next several years. The medical treatment made little difference in the pain that was ruining her life. Prescription medicines and muscular tissue relaxers left her addicted and also unwell. After a brief period of chiropractic treatment, the pain began to moderate.  Soon after her wellness began to improve. “He absolutely blew my mind,” one patient said. “He was able to identify all the locations that troubled me quickly.”

Offering unique Chiropractic Services

We offer unique services to car accident patients.  We have specialized software that can measure the spine.  And, we can determine exactly what impact that car accident had on your spine.  Health 1st Chiropractic would like to help their patients with their battles at the insurance company.  We provide x-rays with measurements than nobody can deny.  There is an injury here and this is why.  The red and green lines help just about anyone to clearly see the issues.  We are fully equipped to fix these issues.  And, we have trained staff that can offer physical therapy and medical massages as well.  We work with the entire skeletal and muscle team to get the results we are looking for.  Our specialist is trained above and beyond just Chiropractic to offer this amazing service.  Grand Rapids is truly lucky to have such an exclusive service available for most insurance companies.  

Typical Car Crash Injuries-Car Accident Chiropractic

Whiplash is one of the most usual injuries endured throughout automobile accidents-.  And, whiplash is the hardest to treat however Car Accident Chiropractic. Almost 300,000 whiplash injuries take place yearly, numerous at low speeds. It takes just a 2.5 mile-per-hour adjustment in rate to harm the neck.  If you have been in a car accident you need to seek a help with a car accident chiropractic specialist. Although fifty percent of all whiplash injuries are the outcome of back crashes.  They can take place from an impact in any kind of direction. Frontal collisions make up 30 percent of automobile neck injuries.  And all need car accident chiropractic services to help.  We are happy to take a look.  Provide you with x-rays and look at your soft tissue damage as well.  We work with many clients that have new and old injuries recover.  Working with the best Chiropractor in Grand Rapids.  Let us see what we can do for you.

Whiplash can be treated with Car Accident Chiropractic

When you are whipped back beyond your regular limitations, micro-tears can establish that border the tendons. Yet lots of accident victims do not notice discomfort in the beginning. It’s not up until the micro-tears begin to swell that the signs set in, including: Obscured vision Neck pain Migraines Lightheadedness Shoulder pain Reduced variety of activity in the neck Arm discomfort Neck stiffness Reduced neck and back pain If you have any of these symptoms see your Car Accident Chiropractic for assistance.

Soft Tissue Treatments to Assist in Recovery -Car Accident Chiropractic

Soft-tissue injuries like whiplash could take a long time to recover. One research study found that greater than 70 percent of individuals hurt 6 weeks later after the ER visit.  And, 50% of whiplash patients continuously experience symptoms 3 months later.  And, some 25 percent of patients remain symptomatic for six months. Without proper therapy, some injuries could continue to cause discomfort for many years. As soft tissue injuries heal, they establish scar mark tissue. If the spine is not lined up and this occurs it can cause spinal degeneration.  This is why it is critical to see a qualified Chiropractor.  Ensure you are cared for in the proper manner by insisting on an x-ray.  Here and Health 1st Chiropractic we offer in-house x-rays and are happy to take a look for you.  We will go over your digital x-ray together at a later date and come up with a treatment plan.

Car Accident Chiropractic Care work for you?

Exactly How Car Accident Chiropractic Care Assists A Chiropractor offers unique help auto accident sufferers.  And, they don’t typically use or recommend pain meds.  We want to take a holistic approach to your recovery.  This means we will recommend various exercises, ice packs, and heat when appropriate.  We certainly understand you’re in pain and that is nature.  You will heal best if we can help with the issues that are causing the pain.  Working the spine to have its proper curvature will help you recover overall.  We are happy to discuss further with you, just give us a call. Checking out a doctor of chiropractic asap after an automobile accident can enhance a person’s chances of making a full recovery.  This is all without turning to prescription medications.  Offering Car accident chiropractic care is one thing, but to offer assistance with your insurance claim?  Yes, we can help you work with your insurance agency.  As no two people are alike and this preventive care can help long-term care.  Meaning, lower doctor visits later and you have more of a life.

Grand Rapids Car Accident Chiropractic Care

Alleviate discomfort. Soft-tissue injuries could take months to totally heal.  But a chiropractic doctor could frequently offer discomfort alleviation much quicker than that. Some cars and truck accident targets report up to an 80 percent decrease in pain after just a couple of weeks of chiropractic care. Support long-lasting recovery. The muscle weakness resulting from an automobile accident could leave patients susceptible to re-injury. Chiropractic care usually entails corrective exercises that improve flexibility and enhance the muscle mass surrounding the spinal column.