Chiropractic X-Ray Analysis – Grand Rapids MI

Chiropractic X-Ray Analysis – Grand Rapids MI

We call your second visit this visit the Report of Findings which included a Chiropractic X-ray Analysis. In this visit, we will discuss with you the findings of your exam and x-rays as well as get feedback from you on your first adjustment.

We answer the 4 most important questions:
1) What is wrong with me?     2) Can you help me?
3) How long will it take?    4) How much will this cost me?

When you come in, our staff will put you in a room with a TV. Then Dr. Szagesh will come and put your film up and explain the x-rays along with showing you images on the TV that relate to you findings. Also Dr. Szagesh will answer any chiropractic questions you may have about the findings, treatment plan, exercises, etc.  We will discuss your Chiropractic X-ray Analysis.


Grand Rapids X-Ray Chiropractic Anaylsis

Grand Rapids X-Ray Chiropractic Analysis

If you have not further questions with Dr. Szagesh, his assistant will come back and walk you to her office. In her office you will have a private financial consultation where she will discuss your insurance, payment options and payment arrangements. Dr. Szagesh doesn’t like surprise bills and he feels neither would you. After all of your questions are done with Laura, you will be scheduled and receive treatment if you desire.

Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor,
Dr. S

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