Chiropractor Near Me

Looking for a Chiropractor Near Me

I am looking for a Chiropractor near me.  I don’t mind traveling little ways for better care, however, I know that if I find a Chiropractor near me it would make it easier for me to get to the Chiropractor near me.  However, I also want the best care and sometimes I know this doesn’t work so well. At Health First Chiropractic we are right here in Kentwood, MI and are happy to work with clients in the surrounding areas.  We understand that many patients are looking for a Chiropractor near me, however, sometimes that isn’t your best solution for your issues.  We are easy to get to from the Beltline and are on the way to many people’s work.  If you work in Cascade Michigan it’s easy and offers at 28th street from the highway, pick up 29th street and slide right to our office.  We are open until 6 pm, giving everyone a chance to come to see us.  You could also see us on your lunch break as well.
spine care

spine care

Chiropractor Near Me in Kentwood? Yes, we are located in Kentwood. Chiropractor near me in Cascade? Yes, we are easy to get to from Cascade as well. We are happy to be the Chiropractor near me and happy to answer any questions you may have.

What makes Health First Chiropractic a better option than the Chiropractor near me?

There are several reasons for choosing Health First Chiropractic for your health.  We take most insurances, offer convenient walk-in hours as well as online bookings, we do onsite x-rays as well.  And, our client is a CBP Chiropractic Clinic, meaning our doctor has gone above and beyond just the study of chiropractic.  He has studied with some of the top elite chiropractors in the world.  This group performed and publishes case studies proving why their methods are the best in the industry. Did you know that 1 in 7 patients will be misdiagnosed due to not having an x-ray?  This is a  recent study that the people at CBP conducted.  And, determined that there is 1 in 7 patients that have adjustments without an x-ray are being mistreated or worse.  This is why X-rays are so very important.  And, we offer them right here in the clinic.  If you have anything huge happen for example a car accident we want to ensure we get a new set of x-rays as well.  And, we can do that quickly for you.  We do not want to treat anyone without an x-ray and this is one of the reasons why. If you have an old fracture that you are unaware of, getting an adjustment without an x-ray could damage the area even more.  And, there are a lot of people walking around with various spine issues and don’t even know it.  This is actually more common than you think. Finding a Chiropractor near me might be what you’re looking for.  But, be aware and understand what you need to have your condition improved.  And, it’s not always as convenient but it might just save your spine.