Christie’s Chiropractic Testimonial

christie2-webChristie’s Chiropractic Testimonial

I have worked at Health First Chiropractic for over a year now.  And, I have heard of a Chiropractic Testimonial often. Prior to working here, I did not know much about Chiropractic care, whether it worked or not, or what all it entailed. Since working here, I have witnessed several things that are incredible.

One experience which has really stuck with me happened to my son, Kayden. He had had an accident one night while riding his bike where he rode into the back of a car and fell, landing with the bike on top of him. Now, my son is pretty tough, got right back up, and kept riding. However, the next morning, he complained about putting the weight down on his left leg. He sat down crying because he couldn’t walk.

I immediately took him to see Doc, knowing that it had to have been because of the bike accident the night before. Sure enough, Doc had him lay down on our kid’s table and could feel where Kayden’s pelvis had started to twist. He adjusted a few different areas even stating how one of Kayden’s legs was shorter than the other one. After the adjustment, Kayden to my surprise jumped right off the table. Doc asked him how he was feeling and Kayden said “Better” taking off running down the hallway. It was incredible, to see my little guy having a difficult time walking to being able to run within minutes. And if you ask Kayden he will tell you that he can even run faster now!