Denneroll for Text Neck and Head Forward Translation

Denneroll for Text Neck and Head Forward Translation

Health 1st Chiropractic uses a Denneroll for Text Neck and Head Forward Translation treatment as an option.  Whether it’s caused by an automobile accident, a slip, and fall, or merely poor posture, forward head translation can adversely influence nerve, ligament, as well as muscle feature. , those adverse effects could be reversed by correcting the curve of the spine.  This alleviates some pain and discomfort.  Overall enhancing general wellness of the body. Improve the curve of your spine today with the Denneroll Table.   More than 2,500 chiropractic physicians on five continents utilize this to treat cervical spine conditions.  This treatment has been very successful and patients seem to prefer it over other methods.  Every person is different, the more options we have the better for our patients.  For this treatment, you simply lay on our table with the Denneroll under your upper neck area.
Text Neck Pain Grand Rapids

Text Neck Pain Grand Rapids

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It is made of very thick, heavy duty style foam and positioned under the upper neck region as suggested by the Chiropractic Doctor to assure proper technique.  This technique changes the curve of the spine and should only be done under supervision.

The Cervical Orthotic gadget is readily available in 3 sizes, coded by color:

Due to this being an orthopedic device, there need to be sizes based on forwarding the head has translated as well as the size of the person.  Sometimes we have to increase and decrease this with foam blocks that we offer in the office. Call now 616-974-9922 Currently, it is available in 3 sizes– for high or versatile grownups (gray), typical or stiffer adults (white Denneroll), as well as little adults or pediatric patients (gold)– the Cervical Orthodontic Gadget is a vital addition to your patient-care stock. Its recommended retail price is economical for individuals as well. Gray: For high or flexible grownups; White: For average-sized adults and those with much less adaptability; Gold: For little or pediatric patients.

As if the Denneroll Treatment is right for you?

There are 3 locations of the neck ideal for DENNEROLL application. Our Chiropractor will go over all of this with you if you need.  This device is used to put the curve back into the upper area of the back to the top of the neck.  Many times this area has changed over time due to posture.  Especially this day and age of devices and looking down all the time.  Or computer workstations not properly set up.  Over time, your head will slowly translate forward.  This will often not even cause pain until it’s so forward that it will take extra work to get it back to the correct position.  This is very important to get done.

How we position the Denneroll Call 616-974-9922

The apex of the orthotic is positioned in the top thoracic or lower-cervical region (C7-T2) region. This setting permits expansion bending of most of the cervical segments while creating a substantial posterior head translation. It will boost the upper thoracic contour, and also increase the overall cervical lordosis. Particularly, this placement ought to be used for aligned or kyphotic reduced cervical sectors with loss of top thoracic kyphosis and former head translation of ≤ 40mm. See below.

We cannot EMPHASIZE X-RAYS Enough

We are changing the curve of your spine.  You need x-rays to determine how we are going to treat the curve of your spine. We also need to ensure there are no bone spurs or other things that could go wrong.  X-rays in the Chiropractic world are  must.  The spine is the main component of the entire body. We cannot see everything with our eyes.  And, old injuries could have arthritis built up.  We need to know what we are working with.   The Denneroll tool and studies are produced by Chiropractic BioPhysics’®