Digital X-ray

Maximized Outcomes With Digital X-Ray Testing

Why Digital X-ray?  Complete digital x-ray images are taken when you come to our office.  We want to see what is going on in your spine and this is a safe and quick method.  And, We offer high-frequency digital x-rays to give our facility the most effective feasible care in a musculoskeletal analysis as well as treatment. This system enables ease for every one of our patients that may need an x-ray.  There is no need to go to another facility.  We don’t expect you to make special x-ray appointments but will offer that with our consultation.  And, the digital x-ray overall has lower costs associated with it.  This is because we don’t have film and film storage.  The film is the old way to digital  X-rays.   But, our office goes one step further and offers digital x-ray complete with PostureRay® technology.  This helps us and you see quickly and easily the issue.  This state of the art technology is offered in only a few elite offices.   Chiropractors that work in the CBP® (Chiropractic Bio-Physics) needs it Spintal Deviation Grand Rapids Chiropractorespecially.  This software allows us to see the “normal” line that was tested and determined through multiple case studies.  The Harrison Ideal Spinal Model has been accepted into the orthopedic and chiropractic journals and many other higher renowned publications.

CBP® (Chiropractic Bio-Physics)

Every case of neck and back pain requires digital x-rays in our office.  Our high-frequency system takes some of the clearest digital x-rays feasible. The digital system is likewise coupled with several of the most effective software application available.  This in return enables our Grand Rapids Chiropractors to precisely diagnose your problem. The software program develops sharper pictures.  And, it offers far better quality, and also has details that allow our chiropractic practitioners to assist in showing our clients easily.   This software is PostureRay® and is an exclusive software developed for the work in CBP® (Chiropractic Bio-Physics). There are simple red and green lines.  The green lines are what we are working toward.

Digital X-ray Ease

Having a Digital x-ray on site allows us to give you better care. We can know right away what we are dealing with.  We look at and evaluate the digital x-rays right on site.  This is specifically real when it comes to fractures.  Considerable spine trauma that can develop through ligamentous injuries to the spinal column should always have digital x-rays.  If you have had a hard fall, car accident or something that would jar your body in a way that could cause injury.  We need to know to determine if we need a new set of digital x-rays. Besides neck discomfort, back pain, headaches, as well as sporting activities injuries, we have a special specific niche of dealing with car accident injuries. Whiplash mishaps in Grand Rapids seem to be widespread.  This is possibly due to the flourishing economy has brought an increase of congestion to our roads and texting while driving.

Chiropractor’s Need to use Digital X-rays for Car Accident Victims

Chiropractors have to document their digital x-rays.  PostureRay® less time in producing accurate reporting and more time with our patients.  The understanding level of the Digital X-ray is second to none.   PostureRay is the initial and also most durable x-ray report of searchings for software. I can easily and entirely customize my reports with my unique facility branding as well! Come to see us at Grand Rapids Health 1st Chiropractic and let us look at what we can do to minimize your pain, poor posture and get you back on track.  We are happy to help you with our Digital X-ray exam.