Do you have a $1,000,000 to spare?

I had a recent discussion with a new patient, let’s call him John. I had told him that I was under Chiropractic care for the last 18 years and in those 18 years I was grateful that I have had only 7 over-the-counter pills and 2 antibiotics. Let me break that down. I have had 2 Tylenol pills ( one in 1994 and one pill in December 1996 and 5 Advil pills around 2003 for a toe surgery plus one set of antibiotics in 2006 and one set in 2000). Wow! This is from a guy that prior to becoming a “wellness” Chiropractic patient myself, spent 4 trips to Olin Health Center at MSU. The result? Four rounds of antibiotics.

Hard to believe yet it is very true. Chiropractic care allows the body to become healthier and when you are healthy, how many drugs do you need? Guess what, healthy people don’t need any!

I asked John a similar question. “John, if you had no pain, how many drugs would you take?”…”none” he replied. “John, if you had no pain, how many drugs would you buy?”…again “none”. Then John told me about his brother, who is the inspiration of why John came to see me in the first place.

“Doc, my brother had back surgery years ago and has never been the same.”

I remembered looking up how much back surgery costs…the best estimate including hospital costs, anesthesiologists, rehab, etc around $85, 000. Then John told me something else.

“My brother can’t work full time anymore because of pain.”

Wow! How much does that add up to be? Cost of partial disability really, ongoing medications just to numb pain sensations, not to mention quality of life. I didn’t want to pry with financial details but I said “ya know, if your brother made $2000 per week and now works part time he lost $1000 per week or about $50,000 per year. After 20 years, that’s $1,000,000.

The true cost of back pain. 20 years of wellness Chiropractic would be about 2% of that, and you’d be a lot healthier.

Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor,
Dr. S