Ear Infections and Chiropractic

Ear Infections and Chiropractic

Ear Infections and Chiropractic have been each others friend for over 100 years.  Naturally, many go running to the medical doctor when getting an ear infection.  Typically an antibiotic is prescribed and the patient is sent home. However, most ear infections are in young children.  And, this is due the fact that their ear canals are not completely formed yet.  However, most ear infections are in fact virus related.  Chiropractic of Grand Rapids is happy to look at your situation in a 100% natural way.  And, treating them as a bacterial issue, with anti-biotics is only weakening your child’s immune system over time.  People who take less antibiotics are typically healthier overall. Ask Us about this!  

Overuse of Antibiotics vs Chiropractic of Grand Rapids

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Chiropractic is an all natural way to fight off the cause of ear infections in the first place.  Ear infections

Why Overuse of Antibiotics can harm you

As antibiotics Kill off the good with the bad bacteria.  Our bodies are actually equipped to fight for itself over time.  Whether an ear infection is viral or bacterial, at least 3 days should go by before medical treatment should be sought after.  This gives the body time to fight off any infection on it’s own.  Not only that, but the overuse of antibiotics can create these super bugs that not only our bodies cannot fight off. Our bodies cannot fight off with antibiotics either.  You have heard this, I’m sure on the news from time to time.  But, it happens all the time.  Overuse of antibiotics will only cause more use of antibiotics and the issue continues.

Still not convinced?  Well, it’s not costing you your health to try it

We see a lot of skeptical people and for good reason.  The Chiropractic world has there good eggs and those that should be scrambled.  However, we do know and understand your concerns.  One thing to look for is X-ray.  Does the Chiropractor preform x-rays?  This is super important.  You may not willing and knowingly little white lie about your past injuries.  In fact, you may have forgotten about that fall 20 years ago that actually broke or added a small fracture to your spine and you didn’t know it.  We can find that on x-ray and we were to adjust and traction and didn’t know this old injury and how it healed we could do some major damage.  Get an X-ray, please, for your own good.  It could save your life. The study we spoke of can be found here.