Are you “Going Green” with Chiropractic?

As a practicing Chiropractor, I try to keep myself checked regularly at least once per week. Not because I have pain, but because I know when I need a checkup.

Probably sounds a little weird, but how do I know? Well something seems “out-of-place” – no pun intended. A little bit about how this happened…

Eighteen years ago I was in a lot of pain between my shoulders and lower right hip. I was 23 and I had gone on and off to Chiropractors since 14. Yep, I had a bad back at 23. Also, I had allergies and reoccurring sinus infections since age 12. Now that I think about it, I started sleeping on my stomach around age 12, wonder if there’s a correlation?

I was probably becoming the “typical” American. What’s the typical American? Well in 1993, the average number of drugs taken annually, was 7. In 2000 through the release of direct-to-consumer drug advertising, that number became 11. By 2004 it had grown to 12, a whopping 71% increase in eleven years. Instead I took a chance, a risk, and decided to stick with Chiropractic care.

What happened when you stick with something? Well it works. Just like sticking with a new diet, or new exercise program. I got better and soon I realized I didn’t have to buy drugs or painkillers. My number of visits to the doctor dropped also, only a physical. Nice to say but it was no coincidence, it’s happening to thousands of people in America. I call this “Going Green” with your health. Living as drug free as possible.

More today than ever people are educating themselves and making different, healthier choices for their families. 30 years ago, bottled water was a silly concept. Water’s free right? Well now people realize that to be healthier, good clean water doesn’t come out of 30-year-old copper pipes, it needs filtered afterwards. How about Organic food? 10 years ago, it was only in specialty markets, seemed very overpriced until people started realizing that, organic foods didn’t have all the preservatives, artificial ingredients that are going to cost us more in health bills than spending a few extra dollars at the grocery store today.

Chiropractic is no different. What would happen if you had no pain? How would your life be different? How many over the counter drugs would you spend your hard-earned money on? How many doctor visits would you avoid? Let’s take it farther, studies have shown Chiropractic care increases the immune system, so let’s take it to a different level. What if you didn’t need a flu shot cause you haven’t been sick in the last 5 years? What if you family was the same way? If your child’s only visit to the doctor was the insurance covered wellness checkup. What would that be worth? Would that be worth organic food prices? How about a reverse osmosis system in your house for $300. How about a wellness plan at the Chiropractor’s office? I would do it, in a heartbeat. I already have.

You see 50 years ago, there were very few gyms to work out in, and back then those gyms weren’t Curves, or Snap Fitness-like gyms. 50 years ago, the AMA was telling everyone that Chiropractor’s “just want you to keep coming back“, today it’s called Wellness. Much like “Going Green”, it will pay for itself many times over, in something you can’t buy, health.

Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor,
Dr. S