How do you spell “Relief”? The Chiropractic Way.

How do you spell “Relief”? The Chiropractic Way.

How do you spell “Relief”? the Chiropractic Way?  Some people might start laughing when they read the title of this article.  I hope so.  Yes, it’s from an old Rolaids commercial from the late 70’s.  Here is a link so you can watch the old commercial on YouTube.
Now as a Chiropractor, what I find interesting is simply how powerful TV is in our influence in our health choices.  For instance, many people don’t know much about Chiropractic care, a natural, drugless healing choice but can remember within less than one minute a commercial that has been off the air for over 30 years.  Wait, you may say, not me, I am educated enough to realize that is a silly commercial.   Yes, you are but let’s try another one.  Do you believe that is someone is having a heart attack is it possible that they may feel pain radiating down the left arm? 391471_7914 I have asked that question to hundreds of patients of mine.  Almost every one of them says  “Yes”.  Ok, let’s ask another question.  Do you know why they may have pain in the left arm?    Most of the time, the answer is a surprising no.   So, therefore, it is possible that we are influenced by TV to teach us about our health and we believe it without knowing why.

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So is it possible that we now choose our health based largely on TV?  I think the answer is yes.  I have heard by the time a child is 12 years old, he/she has seen 100,000 TV commercials.  Think about that.   100,000! On a developing mind.  How many of those are Food? Drugs?  Clothes?  Chiropractic?   I can assure you that the number of Chiropractic ads is probably close to 0.  Why, simply because the profession cannot compete with the Pharmaceutical industry, who spent $2.4 Billion on drug ads in 2011 alone.  I was told a long time ago, ” If drugs were really that good for you, why would drug companies spend Millions of dollars to get you to take them?”. How do you spell “Relief”? the Chiropractic Way? This influence on our buying habits continues to fuel our demand for prescriptions.  Not surprisingly, it works.  The U.S. consumes 80% of all the painkillers made in the world.  That is clearly an addictive behavior, a dependency that affects us all and it is preventable.

Chiropractic Care and Prevent Many Longterm disabilities why not try it?

Chiropractic care alone would prevent a majority of that usage.  Naturally, with no side effects.  One could argue that I would not want to become dependent on Chiropractic.  I’ve always said you pay to be healthy or you pay to be sick.  Pick one.  How much is good food?  Look at the cost of organic food vs. non-organic?  What does a gym membership cost?  How much is preventative Chiropractic care?  Does it cost to brush your teeth and see a Dentist? All cost money, but compared to the alternatives, they are all cheaper in the long run. Think about it.  We are starting a new year and getting healthy is the #1 resolution.  Spell relief with some Chiropractic care added in. How do you spell “Relief”? the Chiropractic Way?

Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor, Dr. S

PS.  If you are wondering how the heart affects the arm.  The T1 nerve root is the connection between the Cardiac Plexus (innervates the heart) and the T1 sensory dermatome (innervates the inner arm around the elbow area).