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Kentwood Chiropractor

Looking for a Kentwood Chiropractor?  Do you suffer from back pain, leg numbness, neck pain, headaches or other ailments?  We are unique in that we offer Posture re-positioning.  Looking at your spine can tell us a lot about your posture.  Most people today have what we can text neck or head forward translation.  This is mostly due to people looking down more than they ever have before.  With our advanced Digital X-ray software, we can actually calculate how far your spine is off from the norm.  The norm was derived over many years of studying and comes from the studies our Chiropractors have done at the center of Chiropractic Bio-Physics® Institute in Idaho. This specialized institute is the leading edge in Kentwood Chiropractor knowledge.  We are the only one in the state that we know of that offers many Kentwood Chiropracticof our services.  Not only do we treat the neck issues, but we also can help you with mid back issues and lower back as well as Scoliosis bracing.  This technology utilizes mirror imaging® to retrain your body and brain to work together in a more positive manner for your spine.  We are unique in that we do literally look at your spine as a large mathematic equation.  Read More. We want all the degrees of curves in your spine to emulate that of the perfect curves in the software.  And, of course, we know that nobody is perfect but let’s get you as close as we can.   When we do this, you will start to see changes in your appearance, stance, and may even notice you are taller.

Kentwood Chiropractor for Posture Evaluation

Choosing a Kentwood Chiropractor of posture evaluation is a simple choice.  Our services are unmatched in the entire state, not just in Grand Rapids.  We are the leader in the CBP® way of things.  As our Doctor’s have gone above and beyond the simple Kentwood Chiropractor and have taken advanced classes, studied with only the elite and mastered the art of measuring your spine.  This is not only an Engineering marvel but it’s a work of art at the same time.  This is not something that is easy to accomplish and takes time to master.  We have been working in this field for over 20 years and with this technique for a few now.  Offering an unsurpassed method to working as your Kentwood Chiropractor to get your posture where it should be and you feel your best. If you have a numb arm or leg, let us take a look, often times this is not from your arm or your leg but from your spine.  Our Kentwood Chiropractor is dedicated to helping you find the source of what is causing the pain.  That’s the point anyway, to try to eliminate the source to see the results.   After all, most medical doctor’s treat the pain itself.  If your knee hurts, you much need pain meds or knee surgery, correct?  Not at all.  Most times it’s how your body is coming down on your hip wrong and stressing the knee in the various wrong ways.

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But, instead of checking your options you went ahead with the surgery.  The issue at the hip and spine are still there, so what do you think will happen over time?  You guessed it, the same issue.  This is why it is so important that we educate our patients on what their posture and spines are doing for them.  As a Kentwood Chiropractor, we want to offer the best advise and care for our patients.  We have a dedicated staff that can assist the Kentwood Chiropractor with all traction, adjustments, x-rays and such.  This leaves time for the Kentwood Chiropractor to speak with you and answer all your questions.