The Road to Correction

If you are still reading this, you probably want long term relief to your condition. That’s what we aim for! Would you go on a diet just to gain it all back?

The Road to Correction requires proper analysis and proper rehabilitation. This is what you can expect from Health First Chiropractic Clinic, P.C.  This is what also makes us different than many other Chiropractors in the Grand Rapids area.  Before getting adjusted, you will have X-rays taken of your spine unless there is a direct contraindication to do so.  Not only that, but I will walk you through your X-rays, and discuss my findings with you so you understand your current condition and what we can do to help. If you’re ready, we will put you on a proper rehabilitation program to get you better.  Every change for the better requires that first step. Why not start today?



  • We have digital x-ray and state of the art traction equipment
  • I utilize Posture Ray software for proper analysis of your spine
  • 20 years experience, more than 250,000 adjustments performed
  • I understand the mathematics behind the technique as I have had 3 years of college level mathematics.  This is far more than required to enter Chiropractic school or Medical School.  Quite frankly, I’m a nerd.