Ramifications of Spinal Surgery

Ramifications of Spinal Surgery

Ramifications of spinal surgery can be brutal.  Most of the time the surgery could have even possibly been prevented.  Sure, we have heard it go both ways, some people have a great experience but some don’t.  We would like you to hear us out on the Ramifications of spinal surgery, as this is something that cannot be undone.  There are a variety of reasons for spinal pain.   We talk a lot about how you were built with this perfect spine curvature.  What we can do to maintain the curvature, help with posture and help with knee issues that stem from back pain.  Chronic neck and back pain can be debilitating.   There are more and more people going on disability because of it.  And, many of those people could find relief and help if they had just found the right doctor in the first place.

Other solutions for Spinal Surgery

Going to a medical doctor for a Spine issue is like going to the vet for your child’s check-up.  It doesn’t make a lot of sense.  However, many people do Spinal Surgery Optionsit.  Sure, there is a place for a spinal surgeon, and we cannot help in every situation, but remember that surgeon makes money doing surgeries.  And, that’s not always in the best interest of the patient.  Sometimes the frankly don’t even know there are other options because they are not trained in the Spine and the curvatures.  They are trained in surgery. When you visit a medical doctor for neck pain and it happens to be a text neck issue.  They can offer you surgery, however, you will go back to the same posture and positioning that you have always had.  This will not help matters much.  The surgery can be very invasive, unpleasant and recovering can be brutal.  This is where we like to shine a bit, we are not invasive, you can go to work right from your appointment and we are working with your spine in the most natural way.

Spinal Surgery Options

We like to address your neck pain and come up with some solutions that might work for you.  Spinal surgery is a big step.  Sure, the advancements in technology have come a long way, but so has the advancements of Chiropractic.  And, our advancements are rarely spoken about.  We are one of the first in Michigan to offer the full options that the CBP® offers.  Our Chiropractor is aware of what spinal surgery can do and what he can offer.  Having chronic neck and back pain can be brutal and often times there are other solutions that Spinal Surgery. If you are considering spinal surgery, perhaps you should look at all the options you have.  We offer a variety of traction techniques that can help recreate the natural curves in your spine.  This is a very holistic approach and will not harm in any way.  We work with you to help regain your posture in a positive manner and offer options that you could benefit from doing at home as well.  Simple things like boosting up your computer monitor, looking down less and being more conscious of how you are standing all can play a key role in helping with the pain. We have heard over and over again how we have helped so much and have been life-changing.  Let us take a look at your case and see what we can do.  Our dedicated staff is always training in this area.  We want to offer the best solutions for you Grand Rapids.  There usually are options other than Spinal Surgery.  Give us a call at 616-974-9922