What to Expect

What to expect on first visit:

We will take a thorough history. You have a one on one consult about your complaints with me (Dr. Szagesh) and an evaluation Unless there is a contraindication you will get X-rays I will read the X-rays and provide a basic first adjustment. Dr Szagesh will explain your X-rays at a Report of Findings appointment at a different scheduled date. This is vital to your health goals if you want long term relief as the X-rays must go through a computer analysis to get the mathematical values of your spine.

What to expect on the second visit:

Usually this visit is the Report of Findings visit unless special circumstances apply.

We will show and explain your X-rays to you. We will put you on a proper treatment plan to get you better as quickly as your body can tolerate We will discuss and write down your financial obligations so there are no surprises when it comes to costs.

What to expect on subsequent visits:

Getting better. I respect your time and we understand that you are here for several treatments. We try to keep visits between 15 min to 30 min depending on what services you need

We will rehabilitate your posture using UTS traction and exercises. After a certain number of visits you will have an updated Xray to verify that the rehabilitation is working. Also your function and symptoms will be addressed such that your overall progress can be tracked.

Alan J Szagesh, DC